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Jacob & Co The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone

51,995 Excl. VAT

The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone pays homage to the watch that initiated it all. It was the timepiece that opened both the world and the realm of watchmaking to Jacob Arabo. This watch is a tribute to an Arabov family treasure—a dual time zone watch that Jacob Arabov received at the age of 13 from his father, Nison Arabov. It’s a timepiece symbolizing the world as if saying, “Go, my son! Go conquer it!”

This particular watch held such significance in his eyes that it instilled in him the desire and determination to one day create his own timepieces. It served as the original inspiration behind every single Jacob & Co. timepiece. This watch remains within the family, awaiting its passage to the next generation.

For Jacob Arabo, creation is a personal, emotional journey. And this creation holds a special place in his heart. Therefore, The World Is Yours Dual Time Zone transcends being just a two-time zone watch with separate hours and minutes. It surpasses being a mere piece of exquisite craftsmanship with its stunning domed dial depicting the Earth as seen from above. It stands as proof that a father’s love can be the key that unlocks the world, making it truly yours.

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